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Discussion: What frameworks/tooling do you use?

I'm slowly getting into cross platform development for iOS, Android and Windows Phone but am still orienting on all the different frameworks and tooling that is available out there for the different functionalities that a lot of apps can't really live without. Seeing as how I'm still orienting I'd love to hear what frameworks/tooling you guys are using on top of Xamarin for things like:

  • Local database storage
  • Web services
  • General architecture (MVVM, MVC etc.)
  • Push notifications
  • And most importantly: how you tie all of it into one another.

I'm trying to experiment with some tools but would love to learn from past experiences in setting up a way of working that works for me. So I'd love to know what works for you and your needs?


  • RobWilsonRobWilson GBMember

    Local database - no experience yet, but plan to use a data-access layer so that I can swap implementations as needed, my initial version will simply store using key value pairs in the underlying platforms native way.

    Web service - I plan to use the Async enabled HTTP client (System.Net.Http)

    MVVM, MVC etc - I think some of these frameworks add overhead that you don't really need, if you create your own 'event bus' which is perhaps your only singleton, then you can fire your model and UI events easily enough. I'm never happy with 'bindings' that are supposed to do it all for you - generally I find performance issues or restrictions that prevent you from doing exactly what you want.

    Push notifications - no experience yet

    Tie it together - I think the article here is pretty useful


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