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New conversations should be started on GitHub Issues instead of in this forum.

Welcome to the Xamarin.Forms Evolution discussion board. You can help shape the future of Xamarin.Forms by discussing proposals, roadmap items, and ideas for Xamarin.Forms by participating in this forum.

Contribution Guidelines

This subforum is specifically for discussion about specific ideas for the future of Xamarin.Forms. Discussions or questions not related to a specific proposal should use the Xamarin.Forms subforum. Comments about specific releases should be contained to the corresponding Xamarin.Forms release thread to help our team answer your questions and investigate your issues.

As such, the following policies will be enforced in addition to the Xamarin Forums Rules & Guidelines.

  • Any thread started not following the formatting below will be deleted.
  • All posts responding to a thread should be responding to the content of the thread only.

Thread Formatting

In order to ensure all proposals have an appropriate of detail for discussion, we ask that you follow the following format:




Please provide a brief summary of your proposal. Two to three sentences is best here.

##API Changes

Include a list of all API changes, additions, subtractions as would be required by your proposal. These APIs should be considered placeholders, so the naming is not as important as getting the concepts correct. If possible you should include some "example" code of usage of your new API.


In order to facilitate the new Shiny Button api, a bool is added to the Button class. This is done as a bool because it is simpler to data bind and other reasons...

    var button = new Button ();
    button.MakeShiny = true; // new API

The MakeShiny API works even if the button is already visible.

##Intended Use Case
Provide a detailed example of where your proposal would be used and for what purpose.

Non-Starter Topics

The following topics should generally not be proposed for discussion as they are non-starters:

  • Port to WPF/UWP naming
  • Large renames of APIs
  • Large non-backward-compatible breaking changes
  • Platform-Specifics which can be accomplished without changing Xamarin.Forms.Core
  • Avoid clutter posts like "+1" which do not serve to further the conversation

Proposal States


Open proposals are still under discussion. Please leave your concrete, constructive feedback on this proposal. +1s and other clutter posts which do not add to the discussion will be removed.


Accepted proposals are proposals that both the community and core Xamarin.Forms agree should be a part of Xamarin.Forms. These proposals are ready for implementation, but do not yet have a developer actively working on them. These proposals are available for anyone to work on, both community and the core Xamarin.Forms team.

If you wish to start working on an accepted proposal, please reply to the thread so we can mark you as the implementor and change the title to In Progress. This helps to avoid multiple people working on the same thing. If you decide to work on this proposal publicly, feel free to post a link to the branch as well for folks to follow along.

What "Accepted" does mean

  • Any community member is welcome to work on the idea.
  • The core Xamarin.Forms team may consider working on this idea on their own, but has not done so until it is marked "In Progress" with a team member assigned as the implementor.
  • Any pull request implementing the proposal will be welcomed with an API and code review.

What "Accepted" does not mean

  • The proposal will ever be implemented, either by a community member or by the core Xamarin.Forms team.
  • The core Xamarin.Forms team is committing to implementing a proposal, even if nobody else does. Accepted proposals simply mean that the core Xamarin.Forms team and the community agree that this proposal should be a part of Xamarin.Forms.

In Progress

Once a developer has begun work on a proposal, either from the core Xamarin.Forms team or a community member, the proposal is marked as in progress with the implementors name and (possibly) a link to a development branch to follow along with progress.


Rejected proposals will not be implemented or merged into Xamarin.Forms. Once a proposal is rejected, the thread will be closed and the conversation is considered completed, pending considerable new information or changes..

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