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REPL Fails when a date picker is visible on iOS


During automating tests for our app I came across the issue that the command "tree" does not work in REPL while a date picker is visible on iOS.
I am on iOS 9.3 and get the following error (after a long time of nothing) in the REPL:


    Execution failed with exception: System.Net.WebException: GET Failed           
      at Xamarin.UITest.Shared.Http.HttpClient.HandleHttpError (System.String method, System.Exception exception, Xamarin.UITest.Shared.Http.ExceptionPolicy exceptionPolicy) [0x0003f] in <b0fc9e7445434d6db9200f1b0b6ead19>:0 
      at Xamarin.UITest.Shared.Http.HttpClient.Request (System.String method, System.String endpoint, Xamarin.UITest.Shared.Http.ExceptionPolicy exceptionPolicy, System.Nullable`1[T] timeOut) [0x00179] in <b0fc9e7445434d6db9200f1b0b6ead19>:0 
      at Xamarin.UITest.Shared.Http.HttpClient.Get (System.String endpoint, Xamarin.UITest.Shared.Http.ExceptionPolicy exceptionPolicy, System.Nullable`1[T] timeOut) [0x00000] in <b0fc9e7445434d6db9200f1b0b6ead19>:0 
      at Xamarin.UITest.iOS.HttpCalabashConnection.Dump () [0x00000] in <b0fc9e7445434d6db9200f1b0b6ead19>:0 
      at Xamarin.UITest.iOS.iOSGestures.DumpByEndpoint () [0x00006] in <b0fc9e7445434d6db9200f1b0b6ead19>:0 
      at Xamarin.UITest.iOS.EnsureVersion.AtLeastWithFallback[T] (System.String atLeastVersion, System.Func`1[TResult] func, System.Func`1[TResult] fallbackFunc) [0x00021] in <b0fc9e7445434d6db9200f1b0b6ead19>:0 
      at Xamarin.UITest.iOS.iOSGestures.Dump () [0x00000] in <b0fc9e7445434d6db9200f1b0b6ead19>:0 
      at Xamarin.UITest.Utils.TreePrintHelper.PrintTree (Xamarin.UITest.Utils.ITreePrinter treePrinter) [0x00009] in <b0fc9e7445434d6db9200f1b0b6ead19>:0 
      at Xamarin.UITest.Queries.AppPrintHelper.Tree (System.Nullable`1[T] console) [0x0001f] in <b0fc9e7445434d6db9200f1b0b6ead19>:0 
      at <InteractiveExpressionClass>.Host (System.Object& $retval) [0x00010] in <362aa3f179874028b0e8d115becd298b>:0 
      at Mono.CSharp.Evaluator.Evaluate (System.String input, System.Object& result, System.Boolean& result_set) [0x0003e] in <e5610ebfe8c34526a8158db3c89186d4>:0 
      at Xamarin.UITest.Repl.Evaluation.MonoCSharpReplEngine.Evaluate (System.String line) [0x00017] in <6f48d9ab909d4f80a1d24c65a06d5dc2>:0 
      at Xamarin.UITest.Repl.Repl.ReplFacade.RunCode (System.String code) [0x00029] in <7da00175a7894f8094efd202539c6f1f>:0 
      at Xamarin.UITest.Repl.PromptHandler.PrintTree () [0x00000] in <7da00175a7894f8094efd202539c6f1f>:0 
      at Xamarin.UITest.Repl.PromptHandler.HandleInput (System.ConsoleKeyInfo key) [0x00072] in <7da00175a7894f8094efd202539c6f1f>:0 
      at Xamarin.UITest.Repl.Program.Main (System.String[] args) [0x0017e] in <7da00175a7894f8094efd202539c6f1f>:0 
    Press any key to exit.

How can I use REPL while showing a date picker dialog? Is there any known issues around this?

Best Regards


  • BobbyLoBobbyLo USMember

    I'm running to the same issue, also the simulator hangs. Running on iOS 10.2 with UI Test 2.0.6, trying to automated date entry.

    Any feedback?

  • Pavlik100Pavlik100 USMember ✭✭

    The same issue: iOS 10.3 and UITest 2.0.8. Any ideas?

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