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ChadUrsoChadUrso USMember

I was receiving an error that the path was too long on the Android ndk unzip. I installed it from Android studio and attempted to run the Xamarin install again but ran into the same issue. The install tries to install the NDK again even though I pointed to the SDK install location. I don't see any way to change the path for the NDK download or install in Xamarin setup. Any ideas?

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  • ChadUrsoChadUrso USMember

    Thanks. I'll give that a shot. Here are the log file entries.
    [2016-12-09 13:41:21.219] [Info] Unzipping file '\Temp\Xamarin\downloads\' to directory '\Temp\1b42cda0
    [2016-12-09 13:41:21.219] [Debug] Processing ZIP archive internally, external unzip failed
    [2016-12-09 13:42:51.327] [Exception] Exception caught while unzipping '\Temp\Xamarin\downloads\' in '\Temp\1b42cda0'
    [2016-12-09 13:42:51.327] [Exception] System.IO.PathTooLongException: The specified path, file name, or both are too long. The fully qualified file name must be less than 260 characters, and the directory name must be less than 248 characters.
    [2016-12-09 13:42:51.327] [Exception] at System.IO.Path.LegacyNormalizePath(String path, Boolean fullCheck, Int32 maxPathLength, Boolean expandShortPaths)
    [2016-12-09 13:42:51.327] [Exception] at System.IO.Path.InternalGetDirectoryName(String path)
    [2016-12-09 13:42:51.327] [Exception] at Xamarin.Web.Installer.Utilities.ProcessZipEntry(String baseDirectory, ZipInputStream zis, ZipEntry entry, String fileOwnerName, Boolean useShortPath)
    [2016-12-09 13:42:51.327] [Exception] at Xamarin.Web.Installer.Utilities.Unzip(String baseDirectory, String file, String fileOwnerName, Boolean ignoreTopLevelDirChecks)
    [2016-12-09 13:42:51.327] [Exception] at Xamarin.Installer.AndroidSDK.AndroidUtilities.InstallArchive(String& destinationDirectory, String name, String archivePath, Boolean mainArchive, Boolean includeZipRootInCopy, String targetBasePath, String[] targetPaths)
    [2016-12-09 13:42:51.327] [Info] Status: failed.
    [2016-12-09 13:42:51.327] [Error] Attempt to unzip Android archive 'NDK r11c' found in \Temp\Xamarin\downloads\ failed.
    [2016-12-09 13:42:51.327] [Info] Status: failed.
    [2016-12-09 13:42:51.327] [Error] Android NDK r11c failed to install.
    [2016-12-09 13:42:51.328] [Exception] Installation of Android NDK failed with exception.
    [2016-12-09 13:42:51.328] [Exception] System.InvalidOperationException: Component installation failed
    [2016-12-09 13:42:51.328] [Exception] at Xamarin.Installer.AndroidSDK.AndroidComponentNDK.Install(String archivePath, String androidSdkRoot)
    [2016-12-09 13:42:51.328] [Exception] at Xamarin.Installer.AndroidSDK.AndroidSDKInstaller.InstallNDK()
    [2016-12-09 13:42:51.328] [Info] Status: failed.

  • sskssk USMember

    Hi ChadUrso, I am running into same Issue with path exceeding 260 characters. Can you please let me know how you resolved this Issue.

  • DaveHuntDaveHunt USMember ✭✭✭✭✭

    @ssk said:
    Hi ChadUrso, I am running into same Issue with path exceeding 260 characters. Can you please let me know how you resolved this Issue.

    @JohnMiller said:
    Hi @ChadUrso,

    I'm sorry to hear about that! To workaround this, try manually installing the different pieces documented here.

    So we can try and make this a better experience, could you share with me more details about where you are installing that the path is too long? Could you share the full error message you see?

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