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xamarin Form: Related to MediaPlugin form nuget jamesmontemagno/MediaPlugin

I have an issued using the jamesmontemagno media plugin. I have added the packages on each platform and the PCL project and have the same version as the sample they provided. I am currently using PCL 4.5 Profile78 as the sample did. I ran fine with the sample. On my version it say

This functionality is not implemented in the portable version of this assembly. You should reference the NuGet package from your main application project in order to reference the platform-specific implementation.

In the their source code, I saw a line :

` static IMedia CreateMedia()


        return null;


        return new MediaImplementation();



How come there is an Portable if statement which returning null? I suspected that it was calling that line of code which gave me that error. Majority of my setting are the same as the sample....

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