iOS - Linking fails when using both HockeyApp and Mobile Center in the same app

I have an app which uses HockeyApp for crash/analytics reporting. I recently received access to Mobile Center, so I've included that as well. My Android app compiles as expected with both SDKs included, and I get analytics information on the Mobile Center console. My iOS app fails to compile because of a native linking error, citing duplicate symbols in the libHockeySDK.a and MobileCenterCrashes.a libraries.

I understand that Mobile Center is intended to replace HockeyApp/Xamarin Insights eventually, but are the two intended to be mutually exclusive now? If so, which is recommended at the moment, bearing in mind that Mobile Center is still in preview? If not, do I need to exclude the SDKs from assembly linking, or is there a better way to resolve the issue?

Thanks in advance

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  • LukePothierLukePothier USMember ✭✭

    I suspected so, I just wondered since Android seems to work fine with both. Thanks John!

  • EthanEmandienEthanEmandien USMember ✭✭

    Would it be possible to exclude linking these two libraries for iOS (using --linkskip)?

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