How do I Auto Triggered an Event in Portable Xaml Form from Droid Project in Xamarin.Form Project

Hello ,

I am new to xamarin and got stuck into a problem.

I am working on a project in xamarin.form(portable). My Targeted Device is a specially device called Motorola TC70 in which app will be deployed, a inbuilt scanner is attached with device. I downloaded the EMDK Component to integrate the scanner SDK for scanning and successfully get the scanned value in Droid Project's MainActivity.cs. Whenever I press the **scan button (attached in device like a volume up and down button) ** an event is fired in Droid MainActivity.cs and I get the value successfully.

Problem: **I want an **event ** in **Portable Xaml Form so that it should be fired automatically when i press the device scan button. Means, how can i get this value in Portable project Xaml Form when i triggered the scan button from the device.

I used dependency injection and successfully get the scanned value from the droid project's class **(not in xaml form) ** but still not able to find the desired event **(in xaml form) ** in which i will press the button and it will be fired.

So in summary , when i will press the scan button I need an event in xaml form (Portable Project) which should be fired at same time. so that i can get the value from MainActivity.cs.

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in Advance!

Rishitosh Gour

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