Winform on Mac OSX Flickering

HerraHerra USMember

I work on a Winform Mac OSX, and i my project can run on Mac OSX with Winform.

The problem is the flickering, i cannot suppress flickering, DoubleBuffered not work and some other techniques for erase flickering not work too, like updatestyles.

When i move a picture with the mouse, i use MouseEventHandler for do that, because user32.dll is not compatible with Mac OSX, i try to use it like a Native Reference, but that's not work because he not find it.

So, what kind of technique should I use for suppress flickering with my Winform? I use a Cocoa Project for create an .app for execute the Winform code.

Thank you everybody.


  • ChrisHamonsChrisHamons USXamarin Team Xamurai

    So WinForms, or System.Windows.Forms, is unfortunately outside of scope for this forum. This forum primary deals with Xamarin.Mac, which allows you to program directly against Cocoa on macOS. System.Windows.Forms sits on top of another unrelated stack

    I personally know almost nothing about Forms, but I'll leave this here in case someone here happens to be an unexpected expert.

    You could try the relevant mailing list -

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