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January 20, 2017 - Singapore - Connect() 2016: Xamarin Recap

XamarinersXamariners SGBeta ✭✭
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Connect() 2016 event had some pretty awesome announcements about Xamarin, as well as Visual Studio Mobile Center and, of course, the brand new Visual Studio for Mac preview.

Join us to the showcase of those new exciting features:

• Visual Studio for Mac: An eagerly awaited step towards unifying of microsoft IDE cross platforms

• Xamarin Workbooks: Documentation + Code for learning and experimentation

• Xamarin Inspector: Explore and Modify your Xamarin UI on the fly
• Visual Studio Mobile Center: This new platform aggregates tools from azure, and other mobile offerings under one brand:

• Test (Xamarin TestCloud)

• Distribute (Hockey App)

• Crashes (part of HockeyApp)

• Analytics (Xamarin Insights)

• Tables (Repository: Connected to Azure)

• Identity (Authentication: Connected to Azure)

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