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Android and Windows Mobile Emulators at the same time?

Is it possible to run Mobile Emulator 10 and Android Emulator (the new one on Intel Atom x86) on single configuration?

Here's what've done, step by step:
1. Install VS2015 with Xamarin. iOS, Windows Mobile worked. Android did not.
2. Installed Intel x86 Atom System for API 19. and Installed API 25
3. Intel x86 Emulator Accelerator (HAXM installer)
4. Installed latest Java JDK (Xamarin didn’t install the latest version). I was still having issues...
5. I read requirements including... "In Windows, Hyper-V must be enabled and running.". I was running and didn't work.
6. I found thread saying.. wait for it.. Turn Hyper-V off. Wow.
7. Ok, I did that by calling "bcdedit /set hypervisorlaunchtype off", rebooted... boom. It worked. Android Emulator fired on Intel Atom x86.
8. Just checked another platforms: iOS - worked. Windows Mobile Emulator 8 - worked!.. Mobile Emulator 10... didn't.

So, Is it even possible to run Mobile Emulator 10 and Android Emulator? having HAXM running and Hyper-V?

If anyone here works in environment like mine (I guess many of you guys). How did you set it up? Right now If I have to reboot my computer before switching from Android to Windows Mobile. Is this for real?

Thanks for help.

PS. My environment:
The Xamarin.Forms projects are in Visual Studio 2015 (with fully installed cross development "checkbox", including Android simulator), it's in Windows 10, which is installed in VMWare virtual machine. VMWare vm is installed on Macbook Pro with latest macOS Sierra. Virtual machine is connected with macOS via Xamarin Agent. On macOS I've installed XCode and Xamarin Studio (with Xamarin.Mac and Xamarin.iOS).

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  • IshThomasIshThomas USMember ✭✭

    @AlexDunn Thanks. Correct me, if I'm wrong, but aren't those both Android emulators built in VS?

    Second thing I'd like to clarify, there are two Android Emulators in VS2015 one (the old one) is fired when the CPU is ARM (armeabi-v7a) and the second one (which uses HAXM) is fired when the target CPU is Intel Atom. Correct?

    And the third thing, If you want to run Virtual Device on API 25, you have to use the newer Emulator, which uses HAXM - because there is no ARM CPU for API 25. Is that correct?

  • AlexDunnAlexDunn USMember ✭✭✭

    One of them is created by MS and built for VS.
    The other are managed through the AVD (Android Virtual Device) and are built by the Android team. Xamarin gives VS the ability to deploy to these devices, but those are the ones updated through the Android SDK manager.

    The VS ones run on Hyper-V and the AVD ones use HAXM (if configured to use Intel acceleration)

  • IshThomasIshThomas USMember ✭✭

    Thanks @AlexDunn One more thing, is there a way to use VS Android Emulator for API25 ?

  • AlexDunnAlexDunn USMember ✭✭✭

    Not yet unfortunately. I talk about it in one of my answers here:

    But basically, they roll out new versions of the emulators with updates through VS unlike the AVD updates through the Android SDK Manager

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