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how tostream audio

rm27rm27 USMember
edited September 2013 in Xamarin.Android

i am creating android app using Xamarin.
i want to stream audio located in mywebsite ( url:
i want to dispaly "paly,pause,the user should be able to forward and backward etc..), i do not want to write manual events to play.pause.forwad/rewind etc..
i tried to use VideoView with Mediacontroler, but mediacontrol disappera after 2-3 secs.
i want to display the control always on the page. also i want to see the audio controler when the page is laoded ( i mean the user need to click on it to see the control)

please let me know. Also later i will be making the same app for IOs( iphone,ipad, etc..) also. So i should be able to reuse the same code for ios also.
please let me know.


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