Xamarin: how update webview (modules) without upgrading App

In company that I'm working we have a Native Android app that upgrade the Webviews without upgrading de .apk

How it works:

1 - we have js, css, html modules on app that can be updated separately. We have a folder for every module and its zipped and available on internet.

2 - When our costumer opens the app we checked if have some new features or fixes from each module, and if it is the app download the needed module, unzip it and this module is updated.

I'm asking it because we'll start a new app and we are thinking to use Xamarin, because we will have to deploy to IOS and ANDROID.

This feature cannot be negotiated because some of our clients have a bureaucratic way to upgrade the apps for his employees and this process takes at least 2-3 days. So we need to upgrade the .apk (for example) as little as possible.

So could I implement any solution, as I've implemented in Android, for it that will be available to both platforms?? Xamarin is the right choice??

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