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Any timescale for being able to set a Storyboard as a launch screen from within Visual Studio?

Just hit the problem of not being able to set an iOS storyboard as a launch screen from Visual Studio (really cool only mentioning that in Step 8 of Managing Launch Screens). Documentation then says "this will need to be configured in Xamarin Studio". Ok, fire up Xamarin Studio. Oh, it can't do iOS on a PC. Great. So now I have to climb into the cupboard with the Mac Mini, or have to remember how I last set up VPN from PC to Mac (which I recall worked, but was so horribly slow that I removed it again). If you hear screams from the cupboard, that'll be me.

Seriously, when will it be possible to create a storyboard for a launch screen from within Visual Studio (I'm currently on 2015 Enterprise)?

In the meantime, can anybody recommend a quick way of getting a remote view of my Mac on my PC (on same local network)? I've done it before, but cannot remember what I used.

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