Distributed developing of an app?

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I'm planning to start an app-project which should be published on iOS, Android, Windows et cetera. The plan is that a community of developers can develop modules for the app that can be used later. I'd like to focus the question on the interface for the developing. My wish was, that everybody can code and assemble any type of open (repo of portable library) or closed source (like dlls) business logic that is then integrated into the app and then published on the different app stores.

I know that code can't run JIT within iOS app. The question is then how to integrate the existing (open or closed) source into the app that should behave like a host for all modules with a well defined and public available interface definition. The modules should hold the graphical context, too - like it's known from other plugin systems (e.g. photoshop plugins).

But I'm now facing some questions:

  • What type of Xamarin Forms should the surrounding app have (shared / pcl)?
  • How to organize the module developing and integration
  • How to enable the developers to test their modules without sharing the host app (should be closed source)

Thanks in advance for any repsonds!

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