Xamarin disappears from Visual Studio 2017 RC

JensRatseyJensRatsey US
edited November 2016 in Visual Studio

Visual Studio 2017 RC works perfectly with the version of Xamarin embedded in the setup download. However, as soon as the available stable release [] is installed, all Xamarin support is gone from Visual Studio 2017 RC.

I presume this as a result of the Xamarin installer still calling it Visual Studio 15 and perhaps installing in the wrong place, incorrect registry settings, etc?

Everything I read suggests that Xamarin is supported on VS 2017 RC, so am I doing something wrong or is the installer at fault?


  • VulcanVulcan TWMember ✭✭✭

    You can update Xamarin by latest alpha version.

  • JensRatseyJensRatsey US
    edited November 2016

    No, the alpha version doesn't list Visual Studio 2017 RC, doesn't even list Visual Studio 15. 2012, 2013, 2015 only.

  • I have the same issue but I don't have luck nobody knows how to resolve this
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