Irritating blank space between Title Bar and Tabs in UWP project

Hello there,

I'm practically new to Xamarin.Forms and I'm developing a rather simple cross-platform application. The app displays good enough in Android, but in UWP there is a stupid blank space. The project consists of a TabbedPage with 4 NavigationPages inside it, in order to push and pop pages inside them.

After a little digging into UWP platform specifics, I was able to change the style of my tabs. I've been looking 2 days now for a solution, and it's driving me crazy. The only solution that I have found so far (with the help of Live Visual Tree), is to change the Visibility property to "Collapsed" from a CommandBar (as shown in the 3rd attached photo). But that's not a solution, because it dissapears, only at runtime.

Can anyone help?
Thanks in advance.

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