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IOS Quickstart Guides needs to be fixed

aqcohenaqcohen USMember
edited November 2016 in General

This is my first post here and i'm newb.

I as following this guide for IOS >>,_iOS/hello,iOS_quickstart/

There some typo mistakes that need little fixes.

On step 22 inside "TranslateButton" code on this line

translatedNumber = PhonewordTranslator.ToNumber(PhoneNumberText.Text);

The object is PhoneTranslator, it must to be fixed to.

translatedNumber = PhoneTranslator.ToNumber(PhoneNumberText.Text);

besides there are some build problems with NsURL object because on ViewController.cs is missing the call to

using Foundation;

Sorry but i dont know if this forum is the right for send this information.



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