Path too Long during Build: How to change Directory for Xamarin Android

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i can't build my Xamarin Forms based Application for Android with my company user because Xamarin Android apparently installs all of it's Librarys like


in the User Profile! As the user i log into my machine including domain consists of 26 characters, this results in Path too long exceptions when i try to build the solution with this users. I get errors like this:

Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State
Error Unzipping failed. Please download and extract it to the C:\Users\xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx\AppData\Local\Xamarin\Xamarin.Android.Support.Animated.Vector.Drawable\\content directory. MyMobileApplicationName.Droid
Error Reason: Der angegebene Pfad und/oder Dateiname ist zu lang. Der vollständig qualifizierte Dateiname muss kürzer als 260 Zeichen und der Pfadname kürzer als 248 Zeichen sein. MyMobileApplicationName.Droid
Error Please install package: 'Xamarin.Android.Support.Vector.Drawable' available in SDK installer. Java library file C:\Users\xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx\AppData\Local\Xamarin\Xamarin.Android.Support.Vector.Drawable\\content\classes.jar doesn't exist. MyMobileApplicationName.Mobile.Droid

My "workaround" to this problem is to create a local user with only 3 characters in the user name and run Visual Studio under this account.
Then the solution builds fine without problems.

However, as you can imagine, this is not a permanent solution.

So my question is:

How can i change the folder from where Xamarin Android gets it's Librarys to something shorter (maybe even something, every user can use on the machine, which IMHO make total sense).

I'm using Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise and Windows 10.

Thank you very much for any help!

Kind regards


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