AVPlayer iOS renderer : Issue with margins


I have a question about my renderer with an AVPlayer.

This is my code :
_asset = AVAsset.FromUrl(url); _playerItem = new AVPlayerItem(_asset); _player = new AVPlayer(_playerItem); _playerLayer = new AVPlayerViewController { Player = _player, View = {Bounds = new CGRect(0,200,App.ScreenWidth,50) } }; SetNativeControl(_playerLayer.View);

I manage to set the margin at the bottom, so my view is like : https://gyazo.com/0922db3e0b536600319b5b26703b347c
I want to display the top bar with 20 as margin from the top, like this https://gyazo.com/ba45986b9213c8e933336c90615f4345 but with a small size.

Do you know how to fill the full area and removed black lines ?


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