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Announcing SkiaSharp v1.55.1

In this new release of SkiaSharp, are some great new features and some bug fixes. Although this is a new release, it is still based on the v1.55.0 version of the native Skia library.

We also have a brand new section in the forums just for your questions! You can create issues on if you find a bug or need a new feature. But, all those questions that you have on the how, the why, or the what can go right here in the middle of all the experts!

We have update all the API docs on to include all the members and types that you will come across. The brand new guide docs on how to make use of the many, many features of SkiaSharp are coming soon!

Here are the release notes:


A cross-platform 2D graphics API for .NET platforms based on Google's Skia Graphics Library. It provides a comprehensive 2D API that can be used across mobile, server and desktop models to render images.

  • Improvements to SKBitmap
    • Decoded as a specific format (size/scale, color type)
    • Pixels can now be replaced in a variety of ways
    • Better support for the Index8 color type (thanks to @Tylerflick)
  • Improvements to SKCanvas
    • QuickReject to do a check before drawing
  • Improvements to SKCodec
    • Now supports incremental decoding
  • Other improvements
    • GRBackendRenderTargetDesc has convenience members Size and Rect
    • SKColorTable has an indexer to get the colors
    • SKData can be used as a stream, which handles the lifetime of the data
    • Fixed SkiaSharp for Windows Mobile emulator and Xbox One

Code Diff:


A set of pre-prepared UI views, panels and surfaces for drawing. One of these views can be added to the view hierachy, and then be used for drawing without the need for complex setup. There is also a set of extension methods for converting to/from SkiaSharp and native types.

  • All raster-based views now have an option to ignore device scaling



A set of pre-prepared views for Xamarin.Forms, for fully cross-platform drawing code. There are views for both CPU and GPU backends, along with extension methods for converting to/from SkiaSharp and Xamarin.Forms types. Currently available for iOS, Android and UWP.

  • All raster-based views now have an option to ignore device scaling


SkiaSharp.Svg (preview)

Support for SVG has been a hot topic, but Google has stated that this is not going to be a feature coming soon (or at all). However, we do want to support SVG. To this end, we are trying out a lightweight SVG parser.

  • An SVG can be loaded onto a canvas of a pre-defined size:
    • Completely ignore the drawing size in the SVG file (not scaled)
    • In case the SVG file does not have a size set


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