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Unable to select document using FilePicker plugin (document greyed out)

TripVoltageTripVoltage GBMember
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Hi I'm using the FilePicker plugin to enable user to select a document from iCloud in iOS from shared PCL using Visual Studio 2015.
I setup provisioning profile for iCloud and installed the plugin but when using the code below it shows file picker from iCloud where I have 2 documents created with Pages app but they are greyed out and unable to select them (see image below)? Not sure why I'm unable to select either of them any ideas? Has anybody had success using FilePicker and have suggestion/sample?

Plugin nuget page here:

Or is there a better way to allow a user to pick a document in Xamarin PCL?

My PCL code:

` try
                FileData fileData = await CrossFilePicker.Current.PickFile();
                Byte[] byteArray = fileData.DataArray;
                string fileName = fileData.FileName;

            catch(Exception e)
                await DispalyUserMessage("Exception Caught", e.Message, "OK");

I also followed this method to install iOS dll's manually:

Image ->(

Many thanks



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