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Workbooks & Inspector 1.0 Released

abockabock USXamarin Team, Insider Xamurai
edited November 2016 in Workbooks & Inspector

Xamarin Workbooks & Inspector provide interactive tools for learning, experimenting, and even modifying your running app.

  • Xamarin Workbooks provide a blend of documentation and code that is perfect for experimentation, learning, and creating guides and teaching aides.
  • Live app inspection provides an interactive editing experience similar to workbooks, but you are connected to your own running app.

With this 1.0 release, we are now officially taking Workbooks & Inspector out of preview!



Sessions To Watch


Live Code

Create a rich C# workbook for Android, iOS, Mac, WPF, or Console, and get instant live results as you learn these APIs.

Workbooks are powered by the same underlying editor as Visual Studio Code, with completion results provided by the Roslyn compiler suite, for a very comfortable editing experience.

Workbooks can even reference external assemblies, NuGet packages, or .csx C# script files.

Rich results

Xamarin Workbooks understand the results of your code, and show rich representations of those results whenever possible. For instance, a UIColor may render as an actual color, a DateTime as a calendar, or an Android Location object as a map.

For any result, choose "Object Members" to look through the object's public properties and fields.


View Inspector

The view inspector lets you explore your UI in 2D or 3D, show hidden views, explore iOS and Mac backing layers, and more! Xamarin.Forms apps can see both the native view hierarchy and the Xamarin.Forms visual tree.

The view highlighter allows you to hover over your app, pick a view, and get a live reference to it in the C# REPL.

Exploring and modifying your running C# app has never been this easy!


There's More!

For a full rundown of features and release history, check out the complete 1.0 Release Notes


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