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Flickering when navigated from menu

The master detail Page (lateral menu) in my xamarin forms project has a few items in slide out. When clicked to go some other pages, the app does a flicker before show the target page
It only happen in android


  • MilnAzcMilnAzc USMember

    It only happen in Android. In IOS the flickering doesn't appear

  • MilnAzcMilnAzc USMember

    Already trie XAML Compilation:
    Looks great but in mi case is not working

  • OmarRehmanOmarRehman PKMember

    Hi Miln,

    Did you get any fix for this? Getting the same flicker on Android with my app, works fine on iOS.

    Kind Regards,

  • StacyMahnke.2763StacyMahnke.2763 USMember ✭✭

    I'm getting the same thing on Windows Phone 8.1. Works fine in iOS but not WinPhone. If I remove the toolbar items, I don't get a flicker. If I add a toolbar item, I get a flicker. I've tried using the View Model to store the toolbar item in memory to prevent creating a new one but that doesn't work. I've tried abstracting out the creation of the toolbar item and ensuring that it only gets created once, still causes flickering.

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