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Advice request - getting started with 2D gaming and Xamarin

I am a long time web developer (ASP.NET and C#), but would like to get started in gaming. I'd like to cover as many platforms as possible (Web, Windows, iOS, Android, OUYA, PS3, XBOX, etc.) which is what brings me to Xamarin. A few years ago, I did run through Nehe's tutorials on OpenGL, but to be fair, that was mostly 3D related. I otherwise have no experience in games or multi-platform graphics programming.

I've been looking for a platform, framework or library that will allow me to leverage my C# skills, and to build 2D games which can be ported to multiple platforms.

The first thing I came across is Monogame, and that seems to be the way most people recommend. I loaded that up, and started running through the Pluralsight training. My concern with Monogame is that is based on XNA which is no longer supported, and even simple things like adding a font required me to install VS2010 (as opposed to VS2012 or the VS2013 RC) and tweak things all over the place to work in modern IDE's and OS's, as well the XNA Game Studio, etc. It's been a major pain to work with and I've barely begun.

Others have recommended Unity. That too looks amazing and well supported, but it is again, 3D only, and the people that have "faked" 2D games with it have said it is far from a good way to approach 2D games. (I hear that Unity is coming out with a 2D game editor as well, but that hasn't happened yet to my knowledge).

So my question is - is anyone writing 2D games successfully in Xamarin, and if so, what tools are you working with? What advice can you impart?

I will say that the games I'm planning are simple ones. Word games, card games, puzzle games - nothing advanced. I just want to minimize the amount of work I need to do to get this working on several platforms, and work with a framework that won't be obsolete a year from now.

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