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Questions regarding Open Xamarin SDK


First a little background, we were using the paid version of Xamarin before the Microsoft acquisition and all that, after that we managed to build the open source SDK and replace it to build our Android app (with various degrees of success, there are still few things not working).

The thing is all this was using Android target level 23, and we started to get some new problems when trying to use level 24, also managed to find the following URL: with what appears to be the already compiled versions of the SDK, but got into different problems building with the latest one (replacing the one we built).

Now for the questions, I wanted to make sure it is ok to make an apk using just the SDK tools, we don't really need any fancy integration with visual studio, basically we just need to be able to use C# to build the app, which is done via command line (MSBuild).

Also about the Jenkins builds should those really be the latest source code ourselves? does the SDK that comes built in with Visual Studio has any difference besides VS tools?


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