Has anyone used MapQuest together with Xamarin.Android? If so,

  • where did you find the correct MapQuest API?
  • how did you incorporate it into your project?
  • do you have some sample code?

I have been playing with Google Maps and have the following concerns:

  • at some point I may have to start paying for the data
  • I have found inconsistencies with postings on the web and what Xamarin.Android allows me to do - for instance in order to change a marker icon, I am told to do something like MarkerOptions.Icon ..., but MarkerOptions doesn't have an Icon method - things like that.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.



  • BrianMainsBrianMains USMember

    I am about to try. There is no Xamarin Android or iOS component to use, so that would mean the two options you have are:

    1. Build a wrapper for Xamarin yourself
    2. Try to see if everything you can do using the in-built web browser components.
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