Xamarin Form:Nothing got response after touches when using MasterDetailPage on iOS

SimonLamSimonLam USMember ✭✭

The application initial load the page using NavigationPage.

MainPage = new NavigationPage(new DeviceListPage());

Later, I added a Master Detail Page into it :

MainPage.Navigation.PushAsync(new DeviceMasterPage());

The selection of the DeviceMasterPage is :

masterPage.ListView.ItemSelected += async (sender, e) =>
          var item = e.SelectedItem as MenuModel;
          if (item != null)
            if (item.TargetType == null)
                await Navigation.PopAsync(true);
            else {
                var page = (Page)Activator.CreateInstance(item.TargetType);
                page.Title = item.Title;

                Detail = new NavigationPage(page);
                Detail.Title = item.Title;

                masterPage.ListView.SelectedItem = null;
                IsPresented = false;

The first Detail Page does show up but touch event not functioning within the detail page (Two aqua button in the image suppose to be slide out when clicked, but nothing happen at the moment). I can swipe back to the previous screen. There is no hamburger icon which was shown on Android but with a text "Device" on it, maybe somewhere in the code replace it ...

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