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Unable to Find iOS Simulator

EasyGoingPatEasyGoingPat GBMember ✭✭✭✭

I have just updated my whole Xamarin system (Visual Studio and XCode and Xamarin Studio) and now I am seeing the following error when I try to deploy my project:

Launching 'Serenocalm.iOS' on 'iPhone 6 iOS 9.3'...
Launch failed. The app 'Serenocalm.iOS' could not be launched on 'iPhone 6 iOS 9.3'. Error: error MT1216: Could not find the simulator UDID '350E628F-7BB8-49B5-BEFC-32D276C24FF1'.
. Please check the logs for more details.
The app has been terminated.

Any ideas what could be wrong and how I fix it?

Kind wishes ~ Patrick


  • I have the same problem... But the question is open since Nov 2016???
    Looks like there is no support at all...

  • EasyGoingPatEasyGoingPat GBMember ✭✭✭✭

    I have found the whole connection to Mac and iPhone to be much more reliable over recent months.

    If you are using a physical iPhone, I have found it helps if you first make sure you have a connection between the PC and Mac (assuming you are developing on a PC, using Visual Studio). A connection is indicated by the status shown in the Tools | iOS | Xamarin Mac Agent. If this has a problem connecting, try deleting the Mac (if there is one) and reconnecting using the physical IP address of the mac, which can be found on the Mac in System Preferences.

    Once you have a connection between PC and Mac, turn on the physical iPhone, wait for it to boot fully, and only then connect it via USB to the Mac.

    Following this procedure always seems to fix things for me on the rare occasion when they do break.

    Failing all that, I have tried a full manual reinstall on both Mac and PC did the trick, but that was a year ago and is quite a chunk of work.

    Hope some of this helps.

    • Patrick
  • I found a solution: Restart the MacBook open the Simulator and than I restart Visual Studio and the Simulator works again... I hope this happens not to often.

    Patrick: Once the connection is established it works quite good, very slow but good. But there are so many pitfalls and there are so few messages... So getting this to run correctly is really a hard way. (E.g.: I installed a Visual Studio Update yesterday and the nice new Visual Studio 2017 Updater is not really telling you what it is installing. So with the last update it installed quietly a new version of Xamarin and nothing was working afterwards. It took me about 4 hours to find out that a version mismatch was causing the connection problems with the Mac... a small error message, telling me, that the version on the Mac is different would have be really helpful... But the Mac connection was just hanging around for around 5 minutes and than just stopped connecting without any messages...)

  • EasyGoingPatEasyGoingPat GBMember ✭✭✭✭


    Hi, Markus. You just reminded me - I had that version mismatch problem but on VS2015. Sorry - should have mentioned it.

    I agree that a few better error messages wouldn't go amiss. The modern approach seems to be to hide all that 'nastiness', which is sort-of okay in an end-user application but is definitely not helpful in a development environment. Often you find instructions telling you to examine the log files, then I spend an hour figuring out where and how to view them and another week trying to understand the contents.

    Hope you're sorted now.

    • Patrick
  • Yes, it was working for 4 days...

    Today I installed the Visual Studio Update for the Creators Update. This Time I also updated the Xamarin Studio on the Mac... Result: Visual Studio is again not able to connect to the Mac. It is even not able to check credentials. It is hanging on trying to connect forever also with wrong credentials... (Manual SSH to the Mac is working perfectly and quick)

    What a mess!!!!

  • Finally it is working again. I reinstalled Xamarin Studio on the Mac, rebooted both machines and now it is working again...???

    Patrick, one question: Are you using Xamarin in professional projects? If yes it would be good to hear your opinion. Is Xamarin really usable for professional projects or do I have to spend the time saving with code reuse for constant Xamarin troubleshouting?

  • EasyGoingPatEasyGoingPat GBMember ✭✭✭✭


    Hi, Markus,

    Yes, I am using Xamarin on a professional project. I've been using it for about eighteen months now. Initially I had a $1000 licence. I was actually disappointed initially when Microsoft bought it because - although I have no doubt Microsoft have brought a lot of cash and expertise to the table - it meant I lost my dedicated technical support. That is actually my biggest worry. I find this forum helpful, but if Xamarin/Microsoft close this forum, that would leave the dreadful Stack Overflow. Don't get me wrong, the guys on there really do know what they are talking about, but the moderators appear to have gone power mad. I am a professional, degree-qualified developer with over 30 years experience and yet I found myself locked out of Stack Overflow because of a few admittedly not-very-good posts many years ago. Stack Overflow's algorithm for locking accounts is harsh: old posts never time-out, and I have yet to work out how you get people to up-vote questions. I once spent four hours on a question, following all their guidelines and even providing a DropBox link to a working solution that demonstrated the problem, and I didn't get a single vote to improve my years-old poor reputation. It feels like you have to be in a clique. When I contacted them, their main suggestion was to improve my old questions, which is ridiculous because one was based on Windows XP and is hopelessly out-of-date. I couldn't begin to construct a code example. I asked if I could delete the questions but that is not allowed either. A hopeless situation! So, a word of warning: be very careful when you post on SO, or you risk losing one of your main forms of technical support for Xamarin.

    If Xamarin ever do close this forum and I have to use SO, that might cause me to look for alternative platforms, even though that would require a huge rewrite. However, technically, I have found the installers for Xamarin and the Visual Studio integration to be much better since Microsoft came onboard. So far I am happy with Xamarin, and I particularly like the way it possible to mix cross-platform PCL code with C# written against the thin wrappers on each target OS.

    If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to ask.

    Kind wishes ~ Patrick

  • Hello Patrick,

    thanks for your answer! Normally support is also my number one decision maker. I'm using Telerik Controls for about 6 years now and their support is just great... And if you report bugs you get Telerik Points making the subscription cheaper :-) - I even get good Xamarin Support from them...

    18 months is a good time to get to know Xamarin! And you are still satified? OK - so I will keep fighting for a couple of weeks and hopefully I can do my small cross platform project for a friends company with Xamarin.

    Nice greetings from Germany,

    P.S.: Should I upvote some of your answers on SO :-) Or you can just register with a different Mail address...

  • EasyGoingPatEasyGoingPat GBMember ✭✭✭✭

    @MarkusHopfenspirger I would very much appreciate some up-votes on SO. And, yes, I am thinking I need to open a new account there and start again. It seems ridiculous that I have to do that though. SO used to be my go-to site; now, I find I daren't post for fear that my question will not get positive votes and my account will be locked. I don't expect to be able to post without think or doing my own research, but if you read through the comments on other people's questions on there, there is always lots of heated discussion about why a post was down-voted, why it is not the duplicate that it has been marked as, so clearly I am not the only one who feels unhappy with it.

    Good luck with your project! I'm sure Xamarin will work out fine for your project.

    • Patrick
  • EasyGoingPatEasyGoingPat GBMember ✭✭✭✭

    Updating to Visual Studio 2017 seems to have cured all problems like this.

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