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Storyboard isn't displaying all elements on the view controller

christopherpolskachristopherpolska PLUniversity ✭✭✭


I have a weird problem with the main storyboard designer view.
The problem is that I have couple of different View Controllers, on each I have some labels, buttons etc.
In the simulator, all the elements are being displayed - the same with the code, I do have access to all of them. However in the designer some of them are not showing up :/ Restarting does not help - generally I need to create everything from scratch.
Also I tried to "send" the views to XCode and then back again - this also did not resolve the issue.
Usually it happens when I create lots of views with elements on them.

Can anyone tell me how to display those "missing" elements?
Thank you.

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  • I'm having a similar issue... with a single view.
    All the elements no longer show in the Main.storyboard (yet they are still there in the document outline)

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