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cocosSharp Templates in Xamarin Studio Community 6.1.2

I'm trying to figure out how to get cocosSharp Templates installed in Xamarin Stuio Community v6.1.2 on my Mac. I've Googled and searched through this forum and the answer is always the same, go to Add Ins and install the cocosSharp templates from there. But I don't see those templates anywhere. It's not under the Installed tab, and it's not under the Gallery tab. In fact, there's only one Add-In listed in the Gallery tab (screenshot attached), and that's MonoGame Addin, which I've installed. So what am I missing? How do I get these cocosSharp templates?


  • DocmaniDocmani USMember

    Any luck with this or has cocosSharp been orphaned?

  • I am also having this issue... I am really struggling to find any solution to this problem. I'm also now having bugs when trying to refresh my add-ins.... ughh this is so frustrating.

  • DrJDrJ USMember ✭✭

    The Cocossharp templates are not supported in the current version of Xamarin studio.
    As an alternative, you can download an example
    project and remove the code you don't need.
    @Docmani - I think you are correct. Cocossharp seems to have been abandoned. I have not heard anything official but there are no responses from the Xamarin team about the future of Cocossharp.

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