How to begin accessing a SOAP web service

I am trying to access a certain web service using that uses SOAP.
However, it is not an .ASMX file on the web, but rather a .dll


The web service looks like the attached picture.

Most of the guides and info show how to deal with a .ASMX type, but not this one. I can try out the different commands by clicking on them, and I can see clear xml SOAP commands for all the functions like login, addUser, etc.

Beyond that, I am struggling to understand how to begin interfacing, because there is so much information, and I am not sure which guide I need to try, or even which examples are related to the task I need to do. And yet, I get the feeling that it might be very easy once I figure out how to get my app to just say a hello.

Any ideas where to begin?

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  • PaulHoetsPaulHoets USMember ✭✭

    Really? That simple? That answers a lot.

    Attached is a pic of what the service looks like from a browser viewpoint.

    What would be the best place to start with a Xamarin/Soap "hello world"?

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