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Does Urhosharp support UWP controller apis?

I am interested in using a Xbox One S controller with an Urhosharp application (on the UWP platform of the Hololens). I see that UWP applications are recommended to use the Windows.Gaming.Input package for joystick/controller input. Does Urhosharp's UWP & Hololens support use this for the controller input?


  • utekaiutekai USMember ✭✭✭

    What I've found is urhosharp isn't limiting to the windows (UWP) APIs, rather it augments/enhances/expands upon those APIs.

    But I can't offer more specifics as I've not experimented with various controllers, currently only using hololens.

    My guess is it should work fine.

  • EgorBoEgorBo BYXamarin Team ✭✭✭

    @MattLarson.1187 unfortunately it doesn't yet.
    You can always use native API directly (but not from the PCL obviously).

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