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iOS MvvmCross App launches to black screen on iPad opening from TestFlight, rejected from App Store

teimajteimaj USMember

My app has been rejected multiple times from the App Store due to launching a black screen after showing a splash screen. The first time i had an extra key in there for iPad orientations. Which i then removed and submitted again.
Since then it has been rejected for the same reason, and i'm not sure why. I have a couple of scenarios that work / don't work:

Scenario 1 : Launch app from TestFlight

If i install the application via TestFlight, and then press open, the app shows the LaunchScreen.xib and then shows a black screen. In the logs i can see
- Setup: Last Chance start
- Setup: Secondary End

Scenario 2: Launch the app from iOS home screen

If i install the app via TestFlight, then close TestFlight and open from the iOS Home screen, the app launches and works fine. Logs look like:
- Setup: Last Chance start
- Setup: Secondary End
- Showing ViewModel HomeViewModel

So when opening from the home screen, it works fine, but when opening from TestFlight, it doesn't work. I'm not sure how this is possible?

App Review have said that it works fine on iPhone as well


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