Referencing Outside Library Projects

We have an existing Xamarin app which is stand-alone and working great. Recently we went through the process of moving our back-end to .NET as well and we'd like to be able to share code (enums, DTOs etc) that are used elsewhere in the back-end with Xamarin but we are running into all kinds of issues. The Xamarin project is setup as native iOS and the projects we are trying to reference are all normal class library-type and target the .NET platform. In references, we see the yellow triangle indicating that the libraries are targeting a different version of the .NET framework and we get-compile time build errors (design time seems to be fine since adjusting the project to auto-bind).

Anyone have any thoughts? We are on latest Xamarin running in VS 2015 and all the DLLs in question are targeted to .NET 4.5

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