Xamarin crashes at end of the test

Xamarin itself is crashing at the end of a ui-test. It happens for both iOS and Android platforms.

I narrowed the crash down to this line:

app.Tap(c => c.Text(title).Parent().Id("card_view").Parent(0).Sibling().Id("bookmark_button"));

where title = String "Hula Unexact".

If I comment that line out of the test, the test passes.

The line is the first line that makes the test crash. There are more lines in the test after this line, and if I also uncomment them, the test will run them successfully but still crash at the end.

I got a popup "A fatal error has occurred. Details of this error have been automatically sent to Xamarin for analysis. Xamarin Studio will now close."

There are other tests in the suite, but none of them crash at the end of execution.

Comparing them to this crashing test, I couldn't find noteworthy differences.

Anybody has any ideas about solving this? and where would I find the crash logs, to take a deeper look?

Many thanks!

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