MonoDoc in (maybe) infinite loop : Documentation update available/Update successful


I am on the latest alpha w/ iOS7 sw stack .

Here's what happens :

  1. In XS, I click on Help/API Documentation
  2. MonoDoc starts up and prompts me : 'Documentation Update available' with choices Remind me later/ Update now
  3. I choose Update now; continues with 'Merging Apple Docummentation' then 'Update Successful. Restart MonoDoc for changes to take effect' with choice Restart MacDoc
  4. I choose Restart MacDoc; and I go back to step 2, above.

I've noticed this MonoDoc behaviour since the very first installation, few weeks ago, but I kept ignored it in order to let the official iOS7 / Xcode / Xamarin sw be released and then see if the problem fixed itself.

Regards. Ionut.


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