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iOS Designer problems

CraftitCraftit SEMember
edited October 2016 in Xamarin.iOS


I have a few problems in the iOS designer and with a storyboard file for a rather large application.

  1. Segues lines are missing in the designer. So to select/edit them i use the Document Outline.
  2. One ViewController is completely black until i change any x or y value of the controls in the view.
  3. Spacing constraints buttons not visible so you find them by hovering at the position they should be at and wait for the tooltip to popup. Then you can drag it like normal.
  4. When selecting a controller and in the properties select Layout. The X, Y, width and height input boxes only shows one character and you have to dubble click and copy then paste somewhere else to see what the value is. This problem occurs in more projects. This seems to be fixed after doing a complete reinstall of Xamarin.

This is on Xamarin Studio for Mac.

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