UITest on iOS 10 device with ios 9.35 compiled ipa (CodesignIdentity where are you?)

I'm pulling out my hair trying to run test against an iphone7 with an app compiled against iOS 9.35.

I've been following the guideline located at https://developer.xamarin.com/guides/testcloud/uitest/working-with/ios-10/ which states that it's not required to recompile the target app with Xcode8 (iOS 10) in order to run on an iOS 10 device.

My current hangup:
I cannot gain access to the "CodesignIdentity property in the ConfigureApp.iOS.InstalledApp object. I'm taking the following code verbatim from the guide at the URL I pasted above under the heading of "Running on Devices" close to the middle of the page.

The code that I've copied into my project from the guide is:
var app = ConfigureApp.iOS.InstalledApp("app-bundle-id") .CodesignIdentity("iPhone Developer: Some One (ABCD1234)") .StartApp()

The UITest project I'm using is referencing Xamarin.UITest v1.3.15.

I see that the CodesignIdentity property was removed in Xamarin.UITest 2.0, but was it removed prior to Xamarin.UITest v1.3.15?

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