UITest on iOS 10 device with ios 9.35 compiled ipa (CodesignIdentity where are you?)

LyndonHugheyLyndonHughey USUniversity ✭✭✭

I'm pulling out my hair trying to run test against an iphone7 with an app compiled against iOS 9.35.

I've been following the guideline located at https://developer.xamarin.com/guides/testcloud/uitest/working-with/ios-10/ which states that it's not required to recompile the target app with Xcode8 (iOS 10) in order to run on an iOS 10 device.

My current hangup:
I cannot gain access to the "CodesignIdentity property in the ConfigureApp.iOS.InstalledApp object. I'm taking the following code verbatim from the guide at the URL I pasted above under the heading of "Running on Devices" close to the middle of the page.

The code that I've copied into my project from the guide is:
var app = ConfigureApp.iOS.InstalledApp("app-bundle-id") .CodesignIdentity("iPhone Developer: Some One (ABCD1234)") .StartApp()

The UITest project I'm using is referencing Xamarin.UITest v1.3.15.

I see that the CodesignIdentity property was removed in Xamarin.UITest 2.0, but was it removed prior to Xamarin.UITest v1.3.15?

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