Latest release (0.38.0) is unuseable on Windows with Android

Hi, I've been giving a try to the latest release, and I cannot use any information it is giving me. I stayed for a very long time with the 0.24.0 release, which provided useful results on Windows for android, but since the profiling data format has changed (and that this release requires Xamarin Studio installed, I cannot use it anymore.

Since the 0.24.0, most of the releases were either too unstable, or were not providing accurate data.

Here are some issues for the current profiler, when time profiling on windows on an android device (or simulator):

  • Only one thread is displayed, and the results get mixed up from other threads, while there are many threads running, including ones from the ThreadPool.
  • The CPU graph only shows small spikes of usage, where the app is clearly doing a lot even on the UI Thread
  • Changing from "Full call tree" to "separate by thread" crashes the profiler app
  • For some reason, only parts of the stack are displayed, and the content looks like it's inverted, or sometimes just plain wrong (call stacks can't happen as displayed by the profiler).

A few questions:

  • Could you provide the links to the previous releases of the profiler ?
  • Is there a backlog of upcoming work for the profiler ?
  • Is there a way to provide custom markers to integrate with the time profiler ?
  • Most of the time, deploying through the VS menu is time consuming. I'm copy-pasting the command line so I can just deploy once, and re-run the profiler from a deployed package. Can you add a way profile an app from the profiler itself, or at least provide a way to get the command line that's executed ?
  • Provide a way to disable real-time display of the data, this is not useful as-is, and it makes the UI slow. Only the memory usage and CPU usage charts are useful.
  • The call tree view should not allow for individual columns selection. The whole line is useful, and clicking one column forces the scrolling, which make is difficult to navigate through data.
  • Allow me to expand a hot path in the time profiler, right now I'm just doing right, down, right, down way to many times...
  • Is there a way to view pinned instances and weak references when showing the allocation dependency graph ? Not having this information makes it for complex guess work.

Thanks !

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