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Help needed to develop latest technology project in our Academic year?


I am a student and have been given a task to develop latest technology enterprise level project in my Academic year as part of a 5 students team

We have shortlisted the technology as C# with its cross platform application development using Microsoft VS 2015 which will be delivered to various devices(windows 10 desktop/phone/tablet/Xbox, android mobile/tablet, iOS desktop/mobile,..)

As far as my requirement goes is
- N-Tier (where in the Entity/Model/Service layer will be shared across platforms)
- UWP (UI will be adaptive/responsive based on how it will be delivered to different window devices per their screen resolutions) [minimum this platform should be covered by default]
- Android (UI)
- iOS (UI)

To achieve the above, we as a team have gone through lots of videos/articles on Microsoft Virtual Academy, Google & YouTube and failed to find an end-to-end or step-by-step process to achieve the above

So far, we are confused as to how to go about it as we have no or minimum enterprise level knowledge
1. Structuring the project directories
2. When and how to use Shared Project or Portable Class Libraries (PCL)
3. Where to put the Entity Framework Code First layer
4. How and where will the security level fit
5. And any other options which we are missing

Previously, I had posted the above in the wrong forums ( and was redirected here

Appreciate, if any suggestions/references are provided. so that in the early phase we can at least get the base done and work it upwards

Thank you


  • kentuckerkentucker USMember ✭✭✭✭✭

    I would recommend using xamarin forms for the project. There is a free ebook about it by Charles Petzoid on the Microsoft Virtual Academy website.

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