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Record audio within Xamarin to send to Cloud Speech API from Google

I am writing a cross-platform app (Android, iOS and Windows (Universal)) with Xamarin.Forms. Within this app i am trying to implement speech-to-text in the Dutch language, but have no success as of yet. Because all the standard voice recognition in Xamarin don't work for the Dutch language (like

I came across the Cloud Speech API from Google that supports many languages including the Dutch language, so i am trying to implement the Cloud Speech API but i need to record audio in Xamarin and then send it to the API. (I have a demo of the API working with audio samples)

For using the Cloud Speech API I need to record audio files within Xamarin to send to the API. I have tried using Xamarin.Forms to record audio (files), but within Xamarin i could only find a way to record audio using Xamarin.Android and Xamarin.iOS. I have not found a way as of jet to record audio using Xamarin.Forms on the Windows platform. I know i will probably need a variation on the DependencyService, however i would not know how to record audio on the Windows (UWP) platform within Xamarin.forms

So my question is: does someone have a idea to implement audio recording within Xamarin.Forms (specific Windows Universal)?

i found a similar StackOverflow question, but yet a little different.

Or if there is another way to record audio within Xamarin. (I have tried using a WebView within Xamarin to access a WebPage with HTML5 and JavaScript to record audio. this script works on a mobile webbrowser (chrome and firefox), but once i go to the script with a WebView it gives a error that the microphone is not accessable).


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