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Windows Phone 8 App error on debugging

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I worked on a Cross Platform App, first of all I only worked on Android. Everything works fine there. Now I would like to test the App on a Windows Phone 8 Emulator.
Because I work on a Windows 8 PC I had to delete the Windows Phone 10 project which is automatically created at the beginning and had to add a Windows Phone 8 project.
I added a reference in the Windows Phone 8 project to the Portable project where are all XAML and c# files. Also added the Xamarin.Forms NuGET.
Now if I try so debugg the App on the emulator the building is successful but right after that when the App should be shown in the Emulator I get the errormessage "The application could not be started to debugg. Be sure that the target device screen is unlocked and the application is installed". But the screen ist unlocked and if I take a look in the Emulator the App is there but only with the basic Label "MY APPLICATION".

Any ideas what I miss to do after adding the WP8 project?


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