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ACR UserDialgos more than two options

Hi @AllanRitchie ,

I'm using the plugin you created to display dialogs. It works great but I need the following functionality to have 3 buttons in a confirm dialog, for instance Yes, No, Cancel. Is there a way you can do this with your plugin? If not, is there a way I could implement it extending your plugin?



  • AllanRitchieAllanRitchie CAInsider, University ✭✭✭

    It is being considered for a future release. It easily doable if you choose to do it yourself.

    You should post things like this request on the github repo

  • JuanPabloSillerJuanPabloSiller USMember ✭✭

    Okay Thanks

  • @JuanPabloSiller Were you able to get the 3 options on a Confirm dialog?

  • JuanPabloSillerJuanPabloSiller USMember ✭✭

    Hi @ashishmantosh, honestly I don't remember but I switched to Xamarin Native and things are much better now, I would never go back to Xamarin Forms unless I'm doing something for fun.

    Still you should be able to implement the dialogs yourself very easily by creating a dependency that creates the dialog natively in each platform.

  • ashishmantoshashishmantosh Member

    @JuanPabloSiller Okay, thanks!

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