Is there a Recipie to implemnt a custom NavigationPageRenderer for the UWP Platform


I am trying to add a AppBar to a Xamarin Forms Application targeting the UWP platform. From what I understand UWP has a top an bottom app bar definde on the page and therefore I would like to access it. As it is not possible to do it directly I think I need a custom renderer for the NavigationPage - the same thing was also necessary for the project's iOS page.

When I tried to follow the reciepie that I have used in the iOS and Andoid application to modify the layout of the NavigationPage I found that this is not possible as most of the methods are private or not overridable in the UWP NaviationPageRenderer.

So is there a some guidance how to modify the NavigationPage of an UWP application or is this the wrong approach all together? I spent extensive time on the internet and so far have not found any solution.

A sample putting me in the right direction would be much appreciated.



  • tgodltgodl DEMember ✭✭

    I just ran into the same situation. Any more information on the subject?
    I wouldn't want to create my own custom "NavigationPage" if i don't have to.

  • AxelEckenbergerAxelEckenberger DEMember
    edited November 2016

    AFAIK, the 2.3.3 version of Xamarin.Forms has some extended handling for UWP toolbars. But I haven't tried it yet.

    Platform Specifics

    • Toolbar placement options on Windows


  • Hello,
    Anyone got solution for above ? I need to do custom NavigationPageRenderer . Appreciated your help.

  • JamesLaveryJamesLavery GBBeta, University ✭✭✭✭✭

    @AshwiniPatkar - Why do you need to do a custom NavigationPageRenderer? It would be interesting to know the reasons/background. There may be a less complex alternative.

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