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Issue with interacting with iPad accessory via Binding

SiddharthTelkarSiddharthTelkar USMember
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I have a Barcode scanner accessory to which the iPad docks on to, hence i need to interface with the accessory to scan for barcode and use it in my application. To accomplish this, i followed the steps as enlisted here So I went on to create a "Binding" project, added the native library i.e. ".a" file , created the APIDefinition and Structs using Sharpie and finally added the Binding project reference to my application.

In the next step, when I tried to deploy the app to iPad, encountered the following error:


In order to fix this, i mentioned the "Framework" in the LinkWith file like:

[assembly: LinkWith ("libBarCodeScannerSDK.a", SmartLink = true, ForceLoad = false, Frameworks="ExternalAccessory")]

Having done all the things stated above, I was able to deploy the app.But I am unable to make my application work with the Barcode scanner accessory. When I check the status of the scanner, its always returned as "NotConnected".

I am clueless as to how to go about debugging this issue and getting it resolved. Do appreciate, if someone can give me pointers on this.


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