Is it possible to track gestures or make buttons without axml?

I created a game in MonoGame with Texture2D images as buttons and to test if they were pressed I took the location of any mouse click and checked each button to see if it contained the mouse. Now I am trying to port it to a mobile android app and I want to use a similar concept so I don't have to go back 25 new images and buttons redoing half the work I already did. All I can find online for checking any type of gesture requires I make individual buttons, image buttons or image views in the main.axml file (which doesn't even create itself when I make a new solution). Is there a way I can recognize a tap without having to create buttons in the axml or at least a way where I can just make 1 large asset that is transparent that covers the whole screen and will return the x and y coordinates of the tap to me?

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