(ipad / iphone). Visual studio say successfully deployed app. But app icon not shown on device


Xamarin newbie here...

I have a Xamarin forms app. (sample code from this site + some small test changes)

From visual studio I can connect to Ipad / iphone via mac agent and deploy app to device.
Visual studio says successfully deployed to ----- device name.

But app doesn't show up on ipad or iphone devices! No icon / no sign of app.

Android version of forms app downloads and runs fine on an android device.
Also worked OK on an old iphone with ~ IO6. Upgraded Xamarin / Xcode / VS to be able to deploy to an newer devices ~ IOS 10

Is this likely to be a provisioning issue on IOS? (Added device to approved list)
Is this a problem with latest tool set versions? ( Xamarin / Xcode / VS )

Any help or suggestions appreciated on possible causes and how to debug.

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