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How to get the notification arguments by tapping on toast notification on winapp?

I am developing an app in Xamarin cross platform and writing code for WinPhone 8.1.
By referring to,
I found that there is no way to identify the launching kind as in 8.1 it will always be "Launch".
Now, even the argument property of LaunchActivatedEventArgs is also empty.
This is a push notification where the entire content of push is,
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

Er is zojuist een opmerking geplaatst bij uw Fixi melding 11545!
{"isSupported":false,"id":11545,"title":"Wateroverlast issue at Oudezijds Achterburgwal 1941, 1012 DX Amsterdam, Nederland","latitude":52.3701744,"longitude":4.89526367,"description":"test as reception","address":"Oudezijds Achterburgwal 1941, 1012 DX Amsterdam, Nederland","totalSupport":0,"totalComment":12,"publicComment":1,"status":1,"acknowledgedDate":null,"resolvedDate":null,"createdDate":"2016-09-22T11:38:04.537Z","imageName":"","categoryID":1098,"Category":"Wateroverlast","departmentID":1007,"denyReason":null,"municipalityID":20,"userID":5289,"handlerEmail":"[email protected]","handlerName":"[email protected]","handlerID":3153,"Column24":1007,"departmentName":"Water"}

Is there any way to get to identify that the app was launched with notification and any way to get any of the above parameter in launching event?
If application is in foreground or active, I am able to handle the notification, but not in case of background or not running.
I have attached the XML file in case it is difficulty for the push notification content.

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