Debugger fail to break where exception are thrown in iOS project (XF)


Since last VS2015 update, exception thrown in my customs renderer while debugging (iOS project) breaks in main.cs at UIApplication.Main(args, null, "AppDelegate"); never where the exception is actually thrown.

And in the output window the stacktrace is alway the same :

2016-10-03 12:03:47.261 VfrTracksiOS[25043:289346] Unhandled managed exception: Object reference not set to an instance of an object (System.NullReferenceException) at (wrapper managed-to-native) UIKit.UIApplication:UIApplicationMain (int,string[],intptr,intptr) at UIKit.UIApplication.Main (System.String[] args, System.IntPtr principal, System.IntPtr delegate) [0x00005] in /Users/builder/data/lanes/3818/3983064a/source/xamarin-macios/src/UIKit/UIApplication.cs:79 at UIKit.UIApplication.Main (System.String[] args, System.String principalClassName, System.String delegateClassName) [0x00038] in /Users/builder/data/lanes/3818/3983064a/source/xamarin-macios/src/UIKit/UIApplication.cs:63 at VfrTracks.Mobile.iOS.Application.Main (System.String[] args) [0x00007] in C:\VfrTracks\Mobile\Master\VfrTracks.Mobile\VfrTracks.Mobile.iOS\Main.cs:15

Looks like the debugger is unable to locate where the excpetion is thrown in my iOS project, which make debugging very painfull.

FYI : in iOS build params Sdk version is 10.0, Linker option is "don't link", Debingging option is Enable Debingging.

Before submitting a bug, is there any settings in VS/Xamarin I might have missed ?



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