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Simplest way to draw a single pixel on Xamarin Forms ContentPage?

maybe with SkiaSharp (in Xamarin Forms) @mattleibow?
Or can i detect touch event and draw a BoxView 1x1? (but i hope drawing 500 boxview will decrease app performance?).
I use SignaturePad, but i have to do it in UWP, and this component doesn't support it.

Thank you for any suggest!


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  • mattleibowmattleibow ZAXamarin Team Xamurai
    edited October 2016

    Hi @LuiginoDeTogni SkiaSharp may be what you are looking for. We just release a new set of NuGets with all sorts of views and layers. By adding SkiaSharp.Views.Forms (or SkiaSharp.Views), you can easily add a full hardware accelerated canvas into your app. This has many features, such as DrawPoint, DrawLine, DrawPath, DrawBitmap and even a whole bunch of extra bits that allow you to draw almost anything in 2D. Be sure to check out our samples for more examples

  • LuiginoDeTogniLuiginoDeTogni USMember ✭✭
    Accepted Answer

    Old post but i want update it
    SignaturePad now support Xamarin.Forms (i confirm it works!), thank you @mattleibow

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